Follow the Simple Steps to book your doctor for tele consultation now!

Step 1: Create a Account with your email and mobile number

Step 2: Fill in your details and upload your Emirates ID

Step 3: Fill in your details and upload your Emirates ID
  Step 4: Confirm Your Appointment One of our agent will get
   in touch with you to confirm your appointment request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Telemedicine

  • Telemedicine services at Iranian Hospital
  • How to benefit from Iranian Hospital telemedicine services?
  • Will my medical concerns by resolved?
  • Will the service respect my privacy and security?
  • What if I need a follow up consultation in person?
  • What are the technical requirements?
Consult our expert Specialists from the comfort of your home through our Telemedicine network
Clients can avail this service by booking an appointment online.
Certainly, based on your symptoms that you convey ,the doctor will provide the diagnosis and treatment plan for you (medications and/or tests) to effectively resolve your health issue/s.
Your Medical history and Online video consultation is very secure.
You can consult the same doctor in a week’s time as follow up with no additional charges.
The video consultation will happen through ZOOM. The link is attached to download the application if you do not already have it. A good internet connection is needed to allow an unbroken stream online video consultation. Wifi is the preferred connectivity mode and you can use any device like laptop/desktop/tablet/mobile phone.